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  • Face & Eyes Make-up Remover With soft almond oil, for removing make-up without irritating the face and eyes (except for waterproof make-up). Don't forget to rinse it off.
  • A real protective and soothing shield With its ultra-creamy texture and light soft scent, this moisturizing cream is ideal for sensitive and damaged skin. An excellent make-up base for you ladies!! For your nearest and dearest, an excellent cream to ease razor burn and leave skin divinely soft, non-shiny.  
  • Assaulted, overheated skins, with tendency to couperosis It's the ideal care for assaulted, overheated skins, with tendency to couperosis. Its gel texture and exclusive patented composition will take care of the most fragile skin, fragrance free for optimal tolerance. Throughout applications, inflammation and sensitivity are reduced: anti-recurrence action.
  • No. 1 Anti-ageing with an active extract of Laminin 5 Especially for sensitive skin Smoothing and firming Anti-ageing treatment for sensitive skin. Ideal for chest! Dermatologists prescribe it for post-peeling or laser procedures after several days of Cébélia LCE Balm.
  • Expert care that decongests, repairs and regenerates your skin Winner of Victoires de la beauté (A Top 20 Beauty Award), a must for daily cuts and scrapes: for bruises, dark circles, cuts, acne scars, fissures... Use it everywhere! Perfume free and preservative free
  • Cares & Covers Innovative and practical, this product combines a covering formula with an intensive care. This total care product corrects dark circles, bags, fine lines and imperfections. This applicator is totally easy to use everywhere!! Perfume free and preservative free
  • Totally non-greasy feel Essential in the winter for soft hands, to keep them repaired and beautiful!! And don't forget your nails...  
  • Our new treatment for a brown-spot-free complexion Anti-brown spot for face and hands, use on its own or to supplement laser or chemical peeling treatment. Note that to obtain results, you must apply it for two months and protect yourself from the sun. Developed through French research (INSERM-ANJOU patent), the originality of the formula is based on an unexpected association: A complex of depigmenting agents (patented Pekaline agent associated with vitamins PP and C), which acts on three key levels of melanin action, placing it on standby and reducing spotting and glycolic acid, which promotes the elimination of existing blemishes and accelerates the action of the complex of agents.
  • Enriched with shea butter and soft almond oil An extra-creamy soap enriched with shea butter and soft almond oil for face and body, that suits all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • A body milk that pampers dry and damaged skin Essential after a depilation session to soothe the skin on arms and legs. Ideal for easing itching, for example during pregnancy or under support hose.
  • Cooltech & Primelase Coolant Liquid 1L

  • Cannula with blunt tip for filler injection 22G/50mm Box of 24
  • Cannula with blunt tip for filler injection 22G/70mm Box of 24
  • Cannula with blunt tip for filler injection 25G/50mm Box of 24
  • Cannula with blunt tip for filler injection 27G/25mm Box of 24
  • Cannula with blunt tip for filler injection 27G/40mm Box of 24