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Cebelia – Comfort Cream 40mL

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A real protective and soothing shield

With its ultra-creamy texture and light soft scent, this moisturizing cream is ideal for sensitive and damaged skin. An excellent make-up base for you ladies!! For your nearest and dearest, an excellent cream to ease razor burn and leave skin divinely soft, non-shiny.


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To preserve the  comfort of weakened skin and counteract the side effects of medical-aesthetic treatments (such as laser, peeling, etc), Laboratoires d’Anjou have specially designed this luxurious cream. Its generous texture penetrates fast without leaving a shine and creates a sensation of well-being. The skin barrier is reinforced, the skin is well hydrated*, more supple and resistant, with a glowing skin colour.
*Upper layers of the epidermis.

Instructions for use

Apply and massage until fully absorbed. Use morning and evening on face, neck and chest after thorough cleansing.

Aesthetic Medical Practice

Aesthetic physicians recommend it along with Vitamin A Acid or AHA to compensate for the drying effects of these latter. They very often use it after abrasive interventions such as peelings, lasers, etc…This cream does not leave skin shiny and penetrates very fast, which is why physicians recommend it for women as a hydrating base for makeup, as well as for men as an aftershave to soothe razor burn.They also prescribe it for easing seborrheic conditions and psoriasis as well as dry skin in menopause.


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