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Cebelia – Extreme Care 75mL

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Assaulted, overheated skins, with tendency to couperosis

It’s the ideal care for assaulted, overheated skins, with tendency to couperosis. Its gel texture and exclusive patented composition will take care of the most fragile skin, fragrance free for optimal tolerance.

Throughout applications, inflammation and sensitivity are reduced: anti-recurrence action.

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Following external aggressors, CEBELIA Extreme Care, which contains a unique complex of 4 active ingredients helps your skin regain its comfort and tolerance threshold.
This treatment soothes redness, inflammation and swelling, enhancing the skin’s hydration by compensating for water loss in a controlled and proportional manner. It also promotes epidermal repair thanks to our patented active ingredient.
Once applied, skin feels fresh for immediate relief.

Instructions for use

Apply as often as necessary according to the case of a treatment.
Extreme Care is suitable for all skin types.

Aesthetic Medical Practice

Doctors use it :

In aesthetic procedures : pre and post laser, peeling, radiofrequency, microdermabrasion…

In dermatological procedures: flush, couperosis, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, in combination with anti-acne treatments, reactive and intolerant skin, erythema, radiotherapy, dynamic phototherapy…


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