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Cebelia – Intensive Anti-Aging 30mL

$63.00 plus GST

No. 1 Anti-ageing with an active extract of Laminin 5
Especially for sensitive skin

Smoothing and firming Anti-ageing treatment for sensitive skin.
Ideal for chest!
Dermatologists prescribe it for post-peeling or laser procedures after several days of Cébélia LCE Balm.

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After a few weeks of daily application, the skin regains its glow and suppleness. It is smoother, firmer, has more body, is stimulated from within. Wrinkles disappear, the curves of your face are reshaped. Your skin better resists the ravages of time.

Instructions for use

Apply morning and/or evening on face, neck and chest; its liquid texture gives your skin immediate comfort and forms an excellent base for make-up.

Aesthetic Medical Practice

Physicians prescribe it along with aesthetic procedures following lasers, peeling, lifting, etc, to optimise their effectiveness or to prolong the results of aesthetic interventions and allow the skin to recover better. In fact, as part of overall derma-aesthetic skincare, a local aesthetic procedure is always accompanied by a specific cosmetic to compensate for the side effects of the intervention. With such cocooning care, the skin regains its vitality in the shortest possible time and glows with health.


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