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Cebelia – Soothing Milk 290mL

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A body milk that pampers dry and damaged skin

Essential after a depilation session to soothe the skin on arms and legs. Ideal for easing itching, for example during pregnancy or under support hose.

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This nourishing milk calms away discomfort from tightness, itching and certain medical-aesthetic treatments (such as laser, liposuction, etc).. Skin is properly hydrated*, becomes smooth, soft and supple.
*Upper layers of the epidermis.

Instructions for use

Apply generously once a day after washing or shower focusing on the driest areas of the skin (legs, knees, elbows, etc).

Aesthetic Medical Practice

Physicians have various indications for this Soothing and Nourishing Body Milk. In fact, it is very well suited for post-surgery such as breast surgery and liposuction (apply it just before putting on panties). It has an absolutely fabulous soothing effect after laser hair removal.
It soothes tightness and itching from straps, as well as in pregnant women around the abdomen and to prevent stretch marks, as well as for skin pathologies or for the elderly.


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